B-Wave Festival 2017

Het B-Wave Festival is een jaarlijks festival voor de synthesizer -en elektronische muziek liefhebbers. Vooral de Ambient, Space, chillout en Berliner Schule muziekvormen komen hierbij aan bod.

B-wave is momenteel toe aan zijn vierde editie en pakt uit met een mooi én uniek gegeven: het enige festival in zijn soort in België dat aandacht besteedt aan de passieve én actieve synthesizer-liefhebber! Concreet wil dit zeggen dat het festival bestaat uit verschillende concerten op 2 podia, product-demonstraties en een muziekbeurs. De line-up voor dit jaar is:

Main Stage

CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS (SE) These guys don't need any introduction ! They redefined electronic music and are sooo famous for their hit INTERLOPER !We're so proud to have them at the B-Wave Festival - to our knowledge their first appearance in Belgium as well!

BK&S (DE, NL) Or Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder. They do not need any introduction either. Each performance is great, no matter how much you've seen them live!

NATTEFROST (DK) No, not the Norwegian death-metal band ;-)Bjørn Jeppesen started Nattefrost in 1995. With 12 albums, 2 EPs and more than 30 concerts in the recent years Nattefrost is already an established name in the electronic music scene.

OWANN (BE) Belgian newcomer OWANN got his first album "Ethernal Return" out at the Belgian record label Wool-e-Discs. Wool-e-Discs is a young Belgian record label and immediately released some stunning music from highly acclaimed Belgian musicians. "Ethernal Return" is a fantastic album which certainly deserves to be the opener of the B-Wave Festival!

Foyer Stage

KARL HEFNER & HUGH LAGERFELD Pure Belgian beats with Karl Hefner& Hugh Lagerfield will perform their set @ B-Wave-Festival. Electronic ambient mixed with nice beats..

sHODA Peter Brutin, aka sHODA, is the second name to be announced in the Foyer @ B-Wave Festival this year. sHODA makes a beautiful mix of electronic sounds. He is also a cartoonist, and most of his music is composed in function of that beautiful work. The story and the music will now be seen in the Foyer @ the B-Wave festival 2017.You can hear his music and see his drawings in on Vimeo live in Drongen (Belgium)


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